Author: Mark Goodfriend

Serendipity in Action

I get performance leads from several places. Some people recommend me as the birthday party magician or I have some listings online. One such lead company is Gig Salad. I get a few leads, and I follow up, usually with a phone call. On this particular day, I had a lead from “Emad”. No large amount of specifics, just “birthday party for 7 yr old daughter”. Name: Emad, phone and email. I called the phone number and got a recording like “Please leave a message for 612 555-1212”. Well, I had not called “612-555-1212”, so I knew the number...

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Two Business “Don’ts” I Recently Experienced

I generally want to write and speak in the positive. I find it more often entertainment than sage wisdom when reading the “10 Don’ts” list. “Ten thing not to do when standing in a puddle of water!”. “Seven things not to say to your wife when you’ve had too much to drink.” I think you get the picture. So, today, I am writing to tell you “Two things your business should NOT practice.” Here we go, I’m sure they won’t be as entertaining as “7 things not to say to your wife”, but I’ll take my chances. Create A Negative Environment That sounds pretty simple and you would think no business owner would cultivate a climate of negativity in their business. I’ll just spell out my real life example and you can draw your own conclusion. I got to visit one of our customers to do some automation improvements. When I called to make the appointment, I was greeted with a very negative ‘receptionist.’ This is often the case with a small company where the owner is being ‘protected’ by this first line of defense. Usually, when they understand that I am calling on business requested by the owner, this barrier is taken down, and I can proceed as needed. I was told I could come when I wanted to, but no guarantees that the person I needed to...

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Do These 12 Things For Yourself In 2012

One of the greatest inspirational speakers of our time, Zig Ziglar, said, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” So, let’s start off a great 2012 with these 12 things to do for yourself! Spend time with the right people. — There’s not enough time in life to spend what precious little of it with people who drain the very life essence out of you. The people that make room for you are the ones that want you in their life. Don’t force yourself on those that don’t value your contributions and worth. True friends will be there when life isn’t smooth. Face your problems head on. — Don’t run from them. Sure, it’s not easy. Every person in the world has had their go at adversity, and not everyone has handled it with perfection. Instant problem solving is not genetically infused in us. Human DNA has the survival instinct in it. We get upset and mad, sad and hurt, we stumble and fall. But we rise and fight, learn and adapt, experience and succeed! This is what helps us become the developed person we aspire to! Speak truth to yourself. — You can lie to everyone, but you can’t lie to yourself and mean it. We improve our state when we engage the risk. One of the first risks...

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