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Mecca Restaurant – Dallas, TX

What others complain about, some relish.   It’s kind of like one man’s junk is another man’s treasure(?).

I love knowing the time of day to come…yes, you have to wait if you come at the wrong time because it’s too busy.  Why is it too busy?  Because it’s good.

Is the menu limited?  Somewhat…but if you know the place and the people then you don’t need a menu.  Anything is on the menu.

Mecca is the place where you need to know what day and time to come.  You need to know where to sit and what to order.  This may sound horrible, but just maybe it is elitist.  If you don’t know where the entrance to the upper level is – well, just consider it a VIP room you are not ready for yet.

I had a great chicken fried steak sandwich. It was awesome. I ordered a whiskey bread pudding (which I haven’t seen on the menu in years – but when I ordered I was greeted with a smile and a “of course we still have it”). I am Mecca experienced.  I ordered the dessert to go, otherwise I would be piling a brick on top of a brick in my tummy and that’s no good.

Yes, the food is heavy, but it’s my Grandma reincarnated.  If you came expecting some gourmet meal, well, it’s HOME cooking, not the Mansion.  Maybe you are a Yankee and your grandma never loved you and cooked you a real meal for breakfast or lunch.  If she ever did – then you’d love the Mecca. If you want to adopt a real southern Grandma for a day, go to the Mecca.

I took some pictures and was asked what I was taking pictures for. I told then it was for my review.  Immediately I saw the manager looking at the table ensuring the food was right and asking if all was well; my waitress answered for me and said “he ordered whiskey bread pudding”. I saw an instant sigh of relief on the manager’s part.  I added “and I ordered it to go” which brought a laugh and a welcome visit to share stories.  Too bad I don’t live or work anywhere near The Mecca anymore(which brought a response of – we have been considering moving.)

The Mecca is still The Mecca, but the area is still not the area.  If it goes elsewhere, I’ll still show up. It’s like the annual call to prayer, it’s The Mecca.

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