10 Best Wedding Themes and Ideas for 2015
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10 Best Wedding Themes and Ideas for 2015

10 Best Wedding Themes and Ideas for 2015

If there is any event where crying, laughing, having sentimental moments all while having fun is involved it would definitely be a wedding. It’s that one event where 2 people make a commitment and not only enjoy themselves but their families as well. Who wouldn’t want to make it memorable?

Now with all the fuss of planning for it, it is of course in every couples dream to make this day a truly profound yet unique one. For that, couples really need to think outside the box and get some help from wedding planners and organizers. Personalize the wedding and make it something that your guests will really think of you. Enticing memories of past, reminiscing on favorite colors or songs or even just a feeling.

10 Best Wedding Themes and Ideas for 2015

So now that you’ve got “you” in the picture, think of a motif or a theme. Don’t go over the top though; think of what really incorporates your personality. Authenticity is what really makes it memorable and a truly wonderful event. So to help you out, here are some of the best wedding themes and ideas for 2015.

  1. Great Gatsby

This theme may sort of be a seasonal one but it is a great theme if you’re on the lookout for flexibility and options. Colours are where couples can truly incorporate themselves in this theme as there are no specific colours for this theme. Sparkly linens here, tall centrepieces there, and black and white in the decor. This theme will look amazing whatever colours the couples will choose.

  1. Rustic Chic

This is the perfect theme when the bride wants the get her cowboy boots out in the open. This theme truly serves couples who want to go for a barn style theme but still want to make things formal. This theme is recommended with farm house tables, chiavari chairs and bright pops of colour.

  1. Modern

For couples who want to do the wedding in a hall or a ballroom but still want the freedom to make things personalized, this theme will really work. Calla lilies are greatly incorporated to this theme. A word for this theme would be for the “stylish”.

  1. Secret Garden

Who wouldn’t think of running into a garden and seeing a ceremony of true love as something utterly romantic? This theme incorporates a lot of flowers to subdue and baffle any guest. Lace would be the best fabric to be used in this theme which can be used from the dress up to the tables.

  1. Color-blocking

We all have a thing for something that really catches our attention; using bold colors can really make a memorable event. Using bright colors for the flowers, fabrics and all other decor will truly dazzle the guests. Use white as a base color so everything else will flourish.

  1. Starry Night

If your wedding falls in the winter months, take advantage of the dark skies where the stars are lighting up. Here white flowers and centerpieces will truly shine under dark blue table cloths. Add some bling to the decorations.

  1. A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Want something rustic but in the comforts of a ball room, this theme is for you. This theme relies on turning a room into warm and romantic scenery. Incorporating Manzanita branches and moss, create a forest and magical like setting.

  1. Pink

If you think pink is a just a color, think again, countless brides when asked what theme they want for their wedding will right out say pink! The key to having this theme become a truly romantic wedding and not like a sweet sixteen party is to use different shades of pink and use a little gold in between.

  1. Vintage

Couples who like to collect antiques are a perfect fit in for this theme. Imagine a wedding, like going into a different time, and seeing a couple get married, it will truly create a unique and fun experience.

  1. Farm

Farm and barn weddings have been a fan favorite for some time now; it provides simplicity as well as formality all in a trendy manner. It really features an intimate feel to the wedding and allows the guests to interact in open space.

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