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The Birthday-Party Check List


Regardless of age and theme, these are the must-haves of a memorable birthday party.

Guests. Send out the invites three weeks ahead of the party’s date. Make sure the invitation contains all important details the guest’s parents should know.

Music.  Prepare the playlist ahead of time. Check that your CD player or iPod is in working condition. If the party is in an outside facility, don’t forget to bring it. A party without music will be boring and besides, how can you play musical chairs without music?

Food. Kid’s don’t usually eat much. It is best to keep the food simple and have an abundance of crisps and birthday cake. Instead of serving juice drinks just give the guests small water bottles. Don’t overstuff the kids with sugar.

Candles. One of the highlights in your child’s birthday party is the blowing of the candles. With all the preparation this item is often neglected.

Piñata. The Piñata originated from Mexico. It has grown popular in birthday parties over the years. It is usually a papier mache donkey, filled with treats. The Piñata is hung up and the guests take turn bashing it while they are blindfolded. You can buy them at your local store or order on-line.
Birthday Cake. You can let your child decide whether the cake should be home-made or shop bought. But if you are a great baker, you can go ahead and bake your child’s birthday cake.
Entertainment. If you’re not cut-out to entertain a bunch of kids, stop beating yourself about it and just hire someone to do it for you. Call them a day or two ahead of the event for their confirmation. It would help if you have an alternative kids party entertainment provider if the one you hire cancels.

Decorations.  You can always modify the design based on the theme. But balloons are always a must. Balloons help make the event festive and colorful. They also help keep the kids occupied during the event.

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