NetOral Health Must Begin at Home


Parents are the most influential people in a child’s life. They are significant in helping a child maintain overall health. With this, programs to educate mothers and families of the importance of healthy habits and prevention of tooth decay are essential to instill the importance of overall health in a child.

In the midst of a parent’s busy schedule and juggling one activity from the other, they have the tendency to overlook the link between their child’s oral health and their overall health in general. Understanding the importance of oral hygiene will enable parents to prevent tooth decay (which currently plagues most children in America) and help their child understand the value of maintaining daily healthy habits.

A child’s oral health is closely related to the mother’s oral health the prenatal stage. Studies have shown that periodontal disease can be traced back to preterm labor. Thus, pregnant women should constantly be evaluated for cavities, poor oral hygiene, gingivitis, loose teeth and diet. The family must continually monitor the child’s oral health after birth and must be knowledgeable of the dental and oral milestone of a child. A family dentist or a pediatric dentist can help the family with important information to ensure that the child’s oral and dental health is taken care of.

A child must be brought to the dentist by the age of 1 or within 6 months from the eruption of their first tooth. The dentist can also orient the parents when to expect the child’s first tooth and the best technique for brushing it.

Another thing a parent should monitor is the child’s diet, because long-term exposure to sugary liquids can cause tooth decay. Also, they must adopt a healthy habit as a family in order to strengthen the oral and dental of the child.

The best way to establish a child’s oral health is to look for a general dentist who can provide literature that can help educate the advantage of healthy teeth, which includes positive self-image and improvement of the quality of life.


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