What is Invisalign and It’s Benefits

Invisalign consists of exceedingly lightweight aligners which are manufactured from clear plastic and made in a specialist laboratory specifically for each individual patient. Invislaign braces are genuinely virtually invisible once you’re wearing them and they shift your teeth over a period of time in a manner which is painless and gradual. As each set of braces completes its’ work it is replaced by the next set, thereby making sure that the movement of your teeth is seamless and continues at a uniform pace until they are in exactly the right position. Unlike the cumbersome metal braces of times gone by, they won’t feel painful, or cause irritation to the gums, tongue or cheeks.

To start, you should know that the Invisalign trays are intended to straighten your teeth in an inconspicuous way-with clear aligner trays. This teeth-straightening solution is great for both adults and teenagers. Plus, when you opt for this cosmetic dentistry service, you will experience the many more benefits of Invisalign, as well. These include:

  • Invisalign only involves a quick and easy process to get you started. Additionally, only periodic checkup appointments are required to make sure your treatment is going smoothly. On the other hand, with traditional braces, appointments are more frequent, and the process and duration of having braces is more intensive.
  • Invisalign trays or aligners are clear in appearance. That means, when wearing your aligners on a consistent basis, practically no one else will notice that you’re wearing them! That’s the polar opposite of wearing traditional orthodontic braces! This is especially important for adults who wish to straighten their teeth without metal-and-wire braces. The aligners are clear and literally undetectable!
  • As a very attractive bonus to our patients, Invisalign clear braces allow you to see your smile with straight teeth before you begin the treatment! To do so, you dentist will utilize computer-imaging technology to show you a digitized image of your smile with straight teeth. At this point in the treatment, seeing is believing, right?
  • Invisalign will not cause negative repercussions like metal braces sometimes do. Traditional braces sometimes cause mouth blisters and pain, but Invisalign is gentle on your teeth and gums since it’s made from a safe, effective medical-grade polymer (plastic). You won’t experience the pain throughout the entire treatment phase that tends to come from traditional braces.
  • Invisalign trays or aligners are removable. When you eat, drink, brush your teeth, and floss, simply remove the aligners, and then put them back in when you’re finished. It’s that easy! This allows for a thorough and effective at-home oral hygiene regime.

Invisalign is a method used by dental specialists to correct teeth problems/conditions like misalignment. This is by use of removable teeth especially known as teeth aligners in order to achieve a desired teeth alignment. This is used in the place of metal dental braces. Invisalign has proven to show more benefits in terms of general and cosmetic performance when compared to metal braces.

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