Learning begins at home


Mother’s are a child’s first educator and they are constantly their throughout the process. Although most family members are influential to a child’s learning, mothers are the ones who play the main role. The home is a child’s place of rest, sleep, play and learning.

A child’s learning is not confined in the classroom of a school it can happen during his waking hours even if he is playing. Despite the various learning styles that were categorized by psychologists the mode that a child’s brain is in should be the first consideration in learning.

The fundamental tasks of the brain are for survival and seeking love. Every person seeks to be loved this instincts begin at birth and continues on throughout his growth and development. Babies are naturally curious; they have the innate desire to learn everything they can about themselves and the world that surrounds them.

Curiosity is the natural state of the brain and a healthy person should operate in this state regardless of age. This state is a person’s learning mode. A person’s learning mode operates majority of the time but once the brain perceive threat it will divert to the protective mode. In this mode, learning is most difficult because all that the brain can concentrate on is either to fight or flight.

Thus, to remain open to learning each individual must be in a feeling of safety, acceptance and most especially love. For children they will immediately seek this from their caregivers at home, which most of the time is the mother. A loving mother provides the foundation for a great learning environment for a child. With a healthy brain mode, a child will learn in every opportunity and situation he is in. Thus, a mother’s love is most vital to enhance a child’s learning.



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