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How Do You Go To School With No Supplies?

Beverly Ibarrola has been sending things to the Philippines most of her adult life. The daughter of Larry and Garda Fesseden has visited her mother’s family back in the Philippines, and understands first hand the difficulty in having the simple necessities of life.

Beverly, her husband Germinal and children, along with her mother and father attend First United Methodist in Allen. For 2012, pastor Todd Harris has directed the congregation to be involved in the community; to make an impact. Thus, Impact Mango was born. Since Beverly was already in the habit of gathering things to send to the Philippines for family, it was a natural transition to start thinking about sending items to the needy. Often Beverly’s co-workers at Award Solutions would offer to donate and support her efforts to help those in the Philippines. When presented with the message of Impact, Beverly discussed the idea about how to help with her family. Her mother’s elementary school in Matnog, Sorsogon which is in the Bicol province, was focused on as being in desperate need for school supplies. Children have to drop out of school because their families cannot afford the basics of paper and pencils. Their decision was to help the Pawa Elementary School.

The initial plan was made for about 100 students, and the budget of $1500 was established. This plan was presented to the church which takes members suggestions for Impact and provides grants to assist financially. After the Impact mission was accepted with partial funding from the church, it was now full steam ahead to secure the remaining funds. After contact with the 9 teachers at the Pawa Elementary School, it seems the initial estimate of children in attendance was off. The new target was 400, and with the additional shipping charges, and total needs for school supplies taken into account, the budget has blossomed to $11,000. Amazingly, this hasn’t detered the spirit of Impact on Beverly and her whole family. They have reached out to co-workers, bible study groups, and more. They have a website: www.impactmango.org and you can like them on Facebook. Soon there will be award winning barbecue dinners and many more ways to raise the much needed funds. Beverly’s enthusiasm has been contatgeous and infected scores of people. Not only is her family involved, but now co-wokers, the Wesley Fellowhip Bible Study, a group of Filipino Methodists who meet weekly, and even retail stores are assisting.

The goal of 400 backpacks is at 65% as of this article. To be able to fulfill the need by the end of April, Impact Mango is still in need of a little over $3000. The back packs full of school supplies have to be in transit by the end of April to arrive in time for school which starts the first week of June.

If you would like to support this cause, please visit www.impactmango.org or send your donation payable to FUMC Allen – Impact Mango. First United Methodist Church of Allen is located at 601 S Greenville Ave, Allen, TX 75002

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