Different Ways to Prepare for the Center

We all have our own differences even in the upbringing and how we handle issues in the family. When it comes to bringing your baby to her first day care and making her want to go there every time, it will also depend upon what works best for your family.

Nevertheless, I have some recommendations for you to be able to go through the daycare predicament smoothly.

First, you have to take the baby into the day care center during a normal work day and observe her reaction when you give her to one of the care takers. And then try to just sit there and observe everything and remind her of your presence every once in a while.

Do a short trial. Prepare everything, pack everything up and drop them off and leave them there for an hour or so. Do this at a time when they are well rested and you know that there is almost zero possibility for them to throw a tantrum.

Bring a beloved object. It can be her favorite blanket, a toy, or anything that she can hold on to and anything that can make her feel comfortable while you are not by her side. Or, leave her your shirt. Your scent will go a long way when it comes to giving your child comfort and putting her at ease.

Get used to it before it even happens. You can do this, but then again your routine can be distracted any time because kids are highly unpredictable creatures. I know that you know what I mean by this. However, it’s still important that you get used to things and do them regularly for you to have a systematic way of doing this. Then, once you have done this all you will have to do is to be flexible if ever something unexpected happens.

Talk to your child. Make sure to prepare your child mentally beforehand. Talk to her about the center and the activities that she will be doing there with the other kids. Convince her that it is not such a bad place to stay and to go to.

Take it slow. Do the transition gradually. Do not be too drastic and do not be strict when it comes to this matter because your child might take it negatively and instead of wanting to go to the center, she will hate the center for it. Do it in an intermittent manner, all the preparations and the practices that you have to do. Be patient and diligent. Never lose your patience on simple things. Give her time to develop her sense of independence when it comes to these things because this is the only way for her to be able to prepare.

Send favorite foods. Let her bring her favorite snacks and food with her. Spoil her. This way, you will be able to keep her mind off of you because she knows that she still has everything she needs for the next few hours at least.

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