10 Tips to Organize an Awesome Birthday Party


An awesome birthday party is not that difficult to achieve, just follow these ten tips then you’re set to organize the best party for your child.

  1. Plan every detail.

A detailed plan is a key to keeping the guests entertained and occupied all throughout the duration of the party. You must plan every part of the party to avoid boredom and unease to build-up and lead the guests to cause trouble in the party. An effective idea is to allot an hour for food, refreshments and opening of presents and an hour and a half for other party activities.

  1. Create a budget.

Before sending out the invites make sure you already set a budget. It will be disappointing on your child’s part if not all his/her friends are invited to the party.

  1. Send invitations well in advance.

Remember to send out invitations in advance to avoid any inconveniences.  This is especially true of kids with busy parents. To give them enough time to fix their schedules, you can send the invitation about 3-4 weeks in advance. You can also add a note at the bottom of the invitation stating that you will follow-up their response on a given date.

  1. Decide on a theme.

When deciding on the theme of your child’s party, consider your child’s interests or hobbies so that the party will be memorable for your child.

  1. Stock your supplies.

Since you’ve set the date ahead of time, you can slowly buy the party materials, supplies and decorations slowly as you visit Party shops or even the local dollar store.

  1. Order food and cake.

If cooking and baking are not your forte, you must order the food and cake for your child’s birthday a week in advance.

  1. Plan the activities.

Activities are the life blood of your child’s birthday party. For an exciting kids party entertainment, you can be resourceful by researching games and activities that will appeal to the party’s guests.

  1. Plan length of activities and games.

Estimate the length of each activity and game. Make sure you keep an extra activity or game to fill in some extra time before the guests head home.

  1. Keep track of time.

Make sure you keep track of time so that the guests are ready to go home once their parents arrive to fetch them.

  1. Take a break.

If all the planning stresses you out, spend some alone time away from party concerns. If you decide you’re not cut to organize your child’s birthday party, you can always contact a trusted kid’s party specialist to handle everything for you.


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