Valentine’s Day — A Celebration of Love, Around the World

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Every year around the world millions of people present their loved ones with presents like chocolates, flowers or candies on the 14th of February in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Many legends surround the origin of this celebration but one thing all these legends have is the primary role love played, thus, this celebration has always been attributed to showing love and appreciation to those who means so much to us.

The significance of Valentine’s Day for the 19th Century solely revolved around lovers who courted their loved ones through the exchange of love letters, poems or gifts during Valentine’s Day. But the celebration changed towards the end of the 19th century where it became a celebration to celebrate love for the general population, regardless if you’re in a romantic relationship or not. People started expressing love and affection towards those who have had a significant impact in their lives.

Since then, Valentine’s Day was transformed into a celebration of all loving human relationships, like a parent to a child, a student to a teacher, between friends or between siblings. It has been an occasion to celebrate all forms of love all around the world. Also, people started greeting one another a Happy Valentine’s Day as they pass by one another. In schools, get-togethers and dances are organized be students or the faculty to celebrate this day.
Today, Valentine’s Day is now considered an occasion which highlights the universal feelings and emotion commonly associated to love. Most of today’s youth consider this a craze as they make elaborate plans in advance to celebrate the occasion. Also, every shop in town starts to decorate with hearts, roses or cupids which are the usual symbol for the occasion. Flower shops and candy stores become in demand as people busy themselves to get their loved ones special presents for the occasion.
Valentine’s Day festivities increase year after year, as more and more people consider this festival as an opportunity to express and celebrate love.

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