It’s Your Day, Dad. Happy Fathers Day!

The father is the head of the family. He works to support the needs of his family, he sacrifices everything because of love, and he gives but asks nothing in return. They say that mothers are more sentimental and more valued than fathers. Only their efforts can prove that a child needs both a mother and a father.

Father’s Day is not just a celebration, but also the best time to honor, love, and apologize to them. Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June, though it is also commemorated on other days by many other countries.


During this day, sons and daughters give greeting cards and gifts to the person who molded them. Common Father’s Day gifts include sports clothing, electronic gadgets, and outdoor cooking tools for household maintenance.

Father’s Day is a unique opportunity for dads and kids to step outside the norm, learn a bit more about each other, and enjoy the day.

How would you celebrate this day? We’ve asked dads what would really make their day splendid and here’s what they told us:

Eliminate the pressure.What Dad wants most is to have a day free from any pressure. Dad would really value no deadlines, no inconveniences, no errands, no having to fix broken devices, and don’t allow him to rush for something on this special day. Loosen his stress so he can enjoy his second wish.

Spend time together.Enjoying each other’s company as a family in relative harmony seems straightforward. But it’s easier to get diverted from your time together when you get caught up in the kitchen doing the dishes, taking a quick run to the store, or the desire to finish up a project. Go out of the town if you must. Going for a walk is much better, set up a picnic in an unwinding part of the city, lie in a hammock together, and share stories and dreams. Now that’s a day Dad will really remember!

Make romance.Father’s Day is not just a day to celebrate Dad as provider and caregiver for the children. It’s a day to recognize your partner as your lover and a friend. Make him feel notable by telling him how much he means to you, dress up nice for him, treat him to a massage. And a sexy surprise is your key to make him happy. Better if you steal a few moments during the day to show him how much you love him.

Focus on him.Give him the freedom of choice on what to do. Leave it up to him. If he’s a sports fan, go see a favorite team play with him. Does he love fishing? Even if you’re not so keen on bait, go along with him. If he wants a few hours to himself, indulge him. He deserves it!

Bring on the praise.Fathers want to be appreciated. Tell him how much you need him. Show him how you feel by writing him a letter detailing the ways he contributes to the family, how he gives moral and emotional support, what makes him a great parent and partner. If writing is not your specialty, consider making a short family video for him, or making a big banner in his honor. Money isn’t the price, he just wants something that can never be taken away from him, and that’s love. Your gratitude and love are the greatest gifts you can ever give him this Father’s Day.

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