Popular Beliefs and Superstitions on Christmas

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Welcoming Christmas Superstitions

To welcome Christmas in a traditional, beliefs-related sense, one should open the doors of the house come midnight to let out the evil spirits. When it comes to guests, it is said that when a man with dark hair is to enter first in Christmas Day in your home is a good sign but when a woman is the first one to enter during Christmas day that is deemed to be bad luck.

Christmas Carols and Singing Them

According to the traditions and beliefs, it is only accepted that people should sing Christmas carols only come Christmas day. Other than that, it is considered to bring misfortune. Also, when carolers goes to your house and leaves empty handed, that too is considered to be unlucky.

 Christmas Food Beliefs
According also to old tradition that when a person makes a wish while simultaneously stirring a Christmas pudding, that wish will come true. When the whole family takes turn in stirring the pudding, it is said that it will bring good luck.

 The Christmas Table Superstition

The table set for Christmas Dinner should be good for an even number of people because tradition syas that having an odd number in the dinner table brings or invites bad luck. Also they say that a pot of honey to be put on the top of the Christmas table counters evil from your home and fish scales as they say, should be put under the dinner plates to bring in good luck. Another tradition come Christmas time that relates to the Christmas table is that everyone should leave the same time because if one leaves earlier than the rest, that person is to bring in bad luck.

Shoes and Stockings

Giving brand and fresh shoes and wearing one on the day of Christmas brings good fortune to your life. The people of Greece believe that burning old shoes blocks any misfortunes to come in your way the next year. Another tradition that people deem to bring good news to them is hanging stockings beside or somewhere near the chimney. Also children believes that with that stocking, Santa Claus would think to fill that up with goods for them to enjoy.

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