skalfasader eller tandlaminat means you get thin shells of porcelain or other ceramic material glued to the tooth surface. The reason to perform the veneers are to more permanently improve the aesthetics of the tooth as tooth shape and size.

Veneers Treatment may include one or virtually all the teeth in your mouth.

Veneers – before treatment

As agreed with one of our dental technicians on the appearance of teeth commence preparation of your beautiful new teeth. In order to create enough space for your crockery requires the teeth to be fitted with veneers usually ground down slightly.

Dental technician can produce porcelain shell down to a thickness of 0.2 mm, which means that this measure is very small and in some cases, you do not grind down your teeth at all.

After all the teeth have been prepared ready to be an accurate impressions, photos and more to the dental technician to complete the facades, which generally takes about two weeks.

Veneers in practice

Veneers works in these steps. The first step is usually a teeth whitening (usually choose most to do this first). Afterwards, often called a waxup which means that a proposal designed in the form of wax. Next, one of our veneer experts with your teeth where he / she will take an impression and send it to one of our technicians. The new shell veneers are then tested to see how they fit your mouth. Everything look good glued shell veneers fixed otherwise they are sent back for amendment.

Are veneers right choice for you?

Veneers can be used for virtually everyone wishes that when they hide the underlying tooth completely. You should be fully aware that in some cases you can achieve very good results even with simpler treatments which should be taken into account. You will, in

skalfasader göteborg with our experts on veneers to get help choosing the method that suits you and your teeth.

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