Confident Smile with Invisalign Teen

With Invisalign Teen, you could be straightening your teeth without most of your friends even noticing. You don’t have to worry about sharp metal wires and brackets irritating your cheeks and gums especially handy if you play sports. And if you like popcorn or candy, go for it! With its removable aligners, Invisalign Teen lets you pretty much eat whatever you want. Try doing that with braces!


How Helpful are Invisalign?

Invisalign Teen is indeed the modern approach of straightening the teeth and it uses several clear aligners which are extremely affordable and comfortable and they are very effective in the treatment of teeth problems. These aligners keep you free from braces and wires and offer you the confidence of flashing your teeth. The aligners have been so aptly developed that it comes with a Blue Dot Wear Indicator which will notify you when you are up for your next set of aligners.


1. It works

We worked with leading orthodontists and listened to their concerns, creating special aligners that make treatment easy and most importantly, effective.

  •  Designed to compensate for the eruption of new teeth and molars
  • Blue Compliance-Indicators help your teen stay on track by gauging wear time
  • Six individual replacement aligners are provided at no charge, if they get lost or broken

2. It gives them confidence

You want what’s best for your teen. And nothing’s better than giving them the smile and the confidence they need to be successful in a variety of social, educational and job situations.

3. It can improve their oral health

Since the aligners are removable, it’s easier for teens to brush, floss and practice proper dental hygiene, helping to avoid the plaque, tooth decay and gum disease that can be associated with traditional teen braces.


Your teen has a choice.  Here’s the info you need to help them make a decision.


Invisalign Teen has captured great interest in today’s times and has become extremely popular because of the advantages it offers users. The main use of this is to straighten the teeth by using just a pair of removable and clear aligners and it allows users to brush and floss normally. The braces usually disturbs the normal hygiene of the teeth, however, with the aligners you can maintain the oral hygiene of your teeth and most of the customers using Invisalign Teen often comment that they are hardly aware that there is a foreign object present in their mouth.


The effectiveness of Invisalign braces depends on your diagnosis, treatment plan, and follow-up care. You may need your teeth straightened, your bite corrected, the gaps closed between your teeth, or your teeth and lips properly aligned. You may also require additional orthodontic devices after you have worn braces to ensure long-term success. Talk with your orthodontist about the best orthodontic procedures for your teeth.



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