How Damon Braces Work It’s Magic

Dental braces are devices which are used to help align teeth and correct any problems with over or underbite. They can also be used to treat various flaws such as gaps and crowding. Traditional braces make use of metal arches and brackets placed on the front of the teeth to provide a small yet constant pressure which helps to move teeth gradually. However, new advances in dental technology are happening all the time and amongst the most cutting-edge treatments are Damon braces. As adults are increasingly turning to cosmetic dentistry many methods have been developed which provide the same effective treatment given by traditional braces, without the aesthetic issues. Damon braces are amongst the most popular alternatives to traditional braces and differ in several key ways to older methods of correction.


How are Damon braces fitted?

As opposed to other types of brace which need to be cemented in, Damon braces are fixed using glue which minimise any discomfort during fitting. If you require any teeth to be removed then it’s typical to have this done prior to being fitted with Damon braces. The procedure takes around an hour and begins with your dentist gluing the brackets onto your teeth. Wires will then be placed into the brackets and safely secured through the use of very small clips. Immediately afterwards it’s normal to feel a little tender at first due to the pressure exerted on your teeth. Some patients also experience ulcers on their cheeks or on the inside of their lips. However these are temporary and many patients report experiencing very little discomfort throughout the whole treatment period. After you have your Damon braces fitted you’ll need to have regular follow up visits with your dentist in order to monitor your progress and make small adjustments to the braces. In traditional methods using conventional braces, these follow up appointments are much more regular than with Damon braces. Most patients only require a follow up visit every 10 weeks as opposed to every 4 weeks for traditional braces.


The Damon brace is a clear orthodontic appliance that is able to offer straightened teeth through a comfortable and discreet treatment. The unique system consists of ‘high technology’ arch-wires that position teeth with rapid results. Another feature that Damon braces offer is the fact that they are tieless, which allows for a more efficient treatment when positioning teeth since they do not require constant tightening.

Damon braces boast a fast treatment time, on average six months faster than traditional braces, which puts it in direct competition with some of the fastest treatments on the market today. Their ‘no ties’ system offers greater comfort to the wearer. This means that the Damon brace exerts a gentle amount of pressure while positioning teeth. Another big benefit with the brace is that there are fewer amount of sores and discomfort compared to traditional ‘train track’ braces.


The Damon brace system is an innovative orthodontic treatment, which uses state of the art technology to achieve straight teeth. The Damon braces are made of fine wires, which use friction-free technology to encourage the teeth to move into the correct position.

What are the benefits?

Time & comfort

Damon braces have been developed using the latest technology and produce incredible results in a short space of time without pain or discomfort. Typically, the treatment will be complete around four to six months earlier than other types of treatment

Discreet and comfortable

The wires and brackets are much finer than traditional braces, meaning the brace is discreet and much more comfortable than other fixed braces.


The braces have self-ligating wires, which means that there is no need for elastic bands and metal ties. This improves oral hygiene because wires often trap food deposits and bacteria, which can contribute to oral health problems, including tooth decay and gum disease.


The amount of dentist appointments are dramatically reduced using this treatment since there are no ties to constantly tighten them, leaving you more time to focus on the important things in life. Unlike most positioning treatments, Damon braces do not affect speech as severely as other treatments. In fact, Damon braces often means there are no speech or pronunciation difficulties at all.


For those who are seeking an ascetically pleasing treatment with strong, reliable results the Damon brace is for you.



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